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101 Reasons To Own The World's Greatest Investment, Paper Cover

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Discover why the modelinvestmentfirmturnedhouseholdword is the perfect investmentfor virtually anyone Robert Miles is a successful entrepreneur, business owner, and investor who believes that everyone can be a smarter investor regardless of background, education, and income. In fact Miles says that one INVESTMENT is ideal for virtually everyone to ownBerkshireHathaway. Miles has attended the annual shareholders meeting for years, has met Warren Buffett, and is considered a company "insider" and BerkshireHathaway expert. In 101 Reasons to Own the Worlds Greatest INVESTMENT, Miles offers his insights into what makes BerkshireHathaway so profitable and why shareholders get such value for owning the stock. Among his explanations: BerkshireHathaway is run sensibly and frugally by Buffettthere are no lavish corporate headquarters or extravagant spending by company executives. The company invests in companies it determines will produce steady profits for the shareholders rather than those companies with a history of erratic performance. This accessible, wellresearched look at the leading companys investment strategy has received an "unofficial" endorsement by Buffett himself. Robert P. Miles (Tampa, FL) is an entrepreneur and owns a small business. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan Business School, has been an active shareholder of BerkshireHathaway for a number of years, and is frequently asked to speak to other investor groups about Buffett..
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