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Benson Idahosa University Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. Vol One(1) No 1

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The Benson Idahosa Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences (BIUJBAS) is published by the faculty of science, Benson Idahosa University, P.M.B. 1100 Benin City, Nigeria.


  1. Probabilistic Fixed Lifetime Inventory Model For Continuous Demand Rate

       Enagbonma, O. and Obahiagbon,   K.O.                                        1 – 15.


  1. An Assessment of Economic Viability of Small-Scale Catfish (Claria sgariepinus) Farming in Yenagoa, Nigeria

       Ekunwe, P.A. and Egware, R.A.                                                     16 – 25.


  1. A Least Absolute Deviation Tuning Method to Reduce Signal Coverage Loss Prediction Error in Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Channel

       Isabona, J.and Enagbonma, O.                                                    26 - 39.


  1. The Effects of Gastrointestinal Helminth Parasites Infection on the Condition Factors of Fishes from Warri River, Southern Nigeria

       Wogu, M.D.and Wogu, M.N.                                            40 - 50                                  

  1. Molecular Characterisation and Verotoxigenic Potentials of Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli 0157:H7 Isolated from Fermented Fresh Cow Milk (Nunu) Sold in Selected Cities in Nigeria

      Enabulele, S.A.,   Eghafona, N.O.and Dahiru, M.                     51 – 62.


  1. Arthropod Profile on Poisoned and Preserved Carrions

       Ekrakene, T. and Iloba, B.N.                                                    63 – 73.


  1. Phytochemical Analysis, Proximate and Mineral Composition and in vitro Antioxidant Activities in Telfairia occidentalis Aqueous Leaf Extract

       Usunobun, U. and Egharebva, E.                                       74 – 87.


  1. Water Quality Assessment of Osse River, Edo State, Nigeria, using Physico-Chemical Parameters

       Ekhator, O., Opute,F.I., Akoma, O.C. and Mensah, J.K.    88 – 102.