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Cd- The Definitive Greatest Hits

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DISC 1: 1. My Tribute 2. I Come That You Might Have Life 3. Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus 4. I Don't Know Why Jesus Loved Me 5. Everything Changed 6. Oh I Need Him 7. Satisfied 8. Sweet Love of Jesus 9. They Shall Be Mine 10. Tell Them DISC 2: 1. Soon and Very Soon 2. Power in the Blood 3. Take a Little Time 4. This Is Another Day 5. Well Done 6. I Surrender All 7. I Just Want to Know You 8. Take Me Back 9. I'll Be Thinking of You 10. Just Like He Said He Would DISC 3: 1. It's Gonna Rain 2. I'm Gonna Keep on Singing 3. Bless His Holy Name 4. I'm Coming Home 5. If Heaven Was Never Promised to Me 6. Jesus Is the Answer 7. Jesus, Every Hour He'll Give You Power 8. I Didn't Think That It Could Be 9. I've Got Confidence 10. It Won't Be Long
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