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Conquering Procrastination

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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Conquering Procrastination: How to Stop Stalling and Start Achieving has the solutions to defeating procrastination and making time a positive force in listeners' lives. Dr Neil Fiore helps listeners recognize the three fears most commonly at procrastination's core-fear of being controlled, fear of being judged, fear of missing out on the good things in life. By learning about them and understanding them, listeners can put them to work for them and not against them. Listeners will learn how to: * Use self-talk to respond to counterproductive internal messages * Make worry work for them * Schedule guilt-free play as a motivating method * Set realistic goals so that they can meet important deadlines * Use the flow state to become more focused, energized and concentrated With the proven techniques revealed in Conquering Procrastination: How to Stop Stalling and Start Achieving, they'll eliminate the causes and effects of procrastination - and take advantage of time instead of letting it take advantage of them.
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Author(s) Neil Fiore
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