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Ending The Search For Mr Right

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Does the journey toward finding a mate for life have to be filled with anxiety? desperation? fret? or regret? Not according to bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond who expertly navigates the choppy waters of singledom-for both men and women-and warmly encourages those stuck in the dead-end dating scene as well as those on an involuntary relationship fast that marriage could be on the horizon. With her tell-it-like-it-is style using biblical examples, Michelle urges readers to place their need for love in perspective, take life off hold, live purposefully, and gain a basic understanding of successful relating with the opposite sex. This unique format is presented for both sides of the single coin. Women will welcome Michelle's sisterly advice and men will appreciate the insider information. Together, they comprise the ultimate guide to successfully finding (and keeping) the love of your life.
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