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From Anger To Intimacy: How Forgiveness Can Transform Your Marriage

Publisher: REGAL
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Anger begins as frustration, hurt or fear. When you don’t deal with these deeper emotions, they intensify and fester into resentment and rage—and the affectionate intimacy you long for in your relationship is driven away. Yet everyone experiences anger at one time or another . . . so how can you cope when it surfaces and strengthen the connection between you and your spouse? Popular relationship expertDr.Gary Smalley, bestselling author of The Language of Love and The Blessing, suggests that you have THREE options when anger rears its head: You can stuff it, you can spew it, or you can study it. With his pastor and good friend, Ted Cunningham, Smalley peels back anger’s layers to expose the emotional core of fury and bitterness. They invite you to take an honest look at the pain that lies at the heart of anger and show you how sharing that pain leads to deep intimacy and a marriage that will go the distance. Don’t let anger undermine your most precious relationship. Instead, learn how you can build an unshakeable foundation of love, trust and confidence when you forgive.
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Author(s) Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham
Format HARD
Pages 256