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God Loves Broken People (International Edition): How Our Loving Father Makes Us Whole

Publisher: TN
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Readers encounter a new message about God’s redemptive plan for their failures and shortcomings. One bite of forbidden fruit is all it took to send humanity reelingfrom God. What Sheila Walsh unveils in God Loves Broken People is that God had a divine plan even then that is hidden underneath our pain and mistakes. God intends to wield our failures, our wanderings, and the deep hurt of our lives not only to drive us toward him but also to give us a deeper experience of his grace and healing power. So many people, Christians and non-Christians alike, look at their wounds and sense that they are somehow beyond repair, that their moments of weakness make them spiritually defective. In this powerful book full of deep biblical teaching, Walsh encourages readers with God’s truth that he is not done with them yet, that he can and will redeem their failures to create a deeper intimacy with him and accomplish his kingdom purposes. Everyone has messed up somehow, sometime. For anyone who is not able to move beyond and experience the deep love and grace of God, they need God Loves Broken People.
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