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There are many school subjects in the school curriculums where moral education could be taught such as civics, history, arts, religion; many of the morals to be taught are within the capacity of the Social Studies teacher to achieve, because the subject is value-laden.  Social studies education in the Nigerian school system is well positioned to teach morals and good attitudes to youths. Good morals seems to have eluded most Nigerians including children and wards, parents, teachers, the ordinary Nigerians and those in positions of authority.  The country need go beyond the mere appreciation of the positive impact of moral education to peaceful co-existence and national development to raising citizens that possess virtues that really make us human.  Positive changes must be seen in the attitudes and actions of individual Nigerians.  The older generations have become dry bones, and so concentrating on changing them will probably take God’s miracle because it is a difficult process making older people drop or change their old ways. So, the effort of most curriculum developers and governments is to focus attention on the young ones convinced they are still malleable at that stage.  As such, the contents of this course are designed to address these perceived moral decadence and social ills of the Nigerian society.