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New Economic Disorder

Publisher: EXCEL BOOKS
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America is in the midst of a serious financial crisis: unemployment is up, homes are going into foreclosure, and every day it costs more and more just to get by. Economist Larry Bates understands the serious problems we face and in The New Economic Disorder he reveals the five powerful, dangerous, and unstoppable forces that are causing it. But with clarity and confidence, he turns to the Bible to help us to understand that there is a permanent, lasting solution to all our chronic economic ills. The New Economic Disorder provides an easy-to-understand analysis of our economy and your place in it, addressing such topics as: . The coming new world order and what it has to do with your finances. . Your financial privacy (hint, you don’t have any…) . How government manipulation has given us an illusion of prosperity . The debt bubble and what that means for your investments Financial expert Larry Bates warns that America's current economic system may be on the road to collapse, along with your personal finances. He teaches how to avert imminent financial ruin--where to save money, how to invest, and more. Bates is the host of a weekly show on the USA Radio Network.
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