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Nigerian Journal of Applied Science

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The Nigerian Journal of Applied Science is a multi-disciplinary journal providing comprehensive coverage of all aspects of applied science. Nigerian Journal of Applied Science welcomes in particular contributions in the areas of environmental protection, recycling of valuable materials from industrial wastes, raw materials sourcing and value-addition, renewable energy exploitation, biotechnology, chemical and/or petrochemical processing, food science and technology, environmental; engineering, toxicology, ethnomedicine and indigenous knowledge, separation technology, materials science and engineering, medicinal chemistry, geoenvironmental studies.

Effect of carbonized sawdust briquette on the nutrient status of dumpsites soil
U. Ugbune and J.M. Okuo
A decision support system based on fuzzy logic
C.E. Igodan, O. Esi and A. Esi
Source rock potential of paleocene and maastrichtian sediments of South-Western Anambra Basin
A. Ogbamikhumi and E.G. Maju-Oyovwikowhe
Microbiological Examination of cooked ready-to-eat foods sold in open markets in Benin City, Nigeria
F.I. Akinnibosun and S.A. Onekpe
Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of some 2-aryl-3,7-disubstituted-4(3h)quinazolinone derivatives
J.O. Otutu, L.O. Ejeta, E.K. Ossai, O.O. Akpomie and F. Otuare
Speciation of heavy metals in roadside soil in major traffic intersections along Ugbowo Lagos Road of Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
J.M. Okuo, B. Anegbe, R.A. Emina, I.E. Chiedu and U. Ugbune
Public health threat of streptococcus pneumoniae among children in Benin City, Nigeria
F. I. Akinnibosun and F.O. Osula
An early in class study behavior approach to detecting at risk students
F.I. Amadin and J.O. Egwuatu
Isolation and characterization of β-sitosterol-3-o-β-d-glucoside from the extract of the leaves of Acanthus montanus
M.E. Jonathan O. Iyekowa O. J. Owolabi and F. E. Okieimen
Short Communication
Physicochemical properties and geochemical composition of termite mound soil in Ugbowo Campus, University of Benin, Benin City
E.U. Idemudia, D.J. Paschal and F.E. Okieimen
Moisture content and pH studies using crude starch extracts of sorghum bicolor and those of Zea mays species obtained from some markets in Benin City, and influence of storage
E.N. Dibie and M.E. Ukhun
Hepatotoxic effects of oral ingestion of rohypnol and alcohol mixture in the adult Wistar Rat
G.I. Eze and K.A. Akonoafua
A critic of gas regulation and policy in Nigeria
P.N. Onwuachi-Iheagwara
Comparative studies on the purification of water from Ikpoba River using Moringa oleifera (moringaceae) extract and aluminium potassium sulphate
M.C. Kikanme, B. Anegbe and J.M. Okuo
Heavy metals concentrations in Ofuafor River, Delta State
M.A. Balogun, H.N. Omosigho, H.S. Ukulu and M.O. Money
Piper guineense seeds oil: chemical characterization, fatty acid profile, S/U ratio and influence of aw.
E.N. Dibie and M.E. Ukhun
A review of petroleum products regulation in Nigeria 1908-2017
P.N. Onwuachi-Iheagwara