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Nigeria is a country in sub-Saharan Africa with a population of over 160 Million people. The steady rise in population has placed a huge burden on the existing infrastructure- power, health care, roads and basic amenities. One of the biggest challenges in the retail and wholesale industry is that of efficient supply chain management. The current supply chain is bedevilled mainly by poor roads and transportation network and lack of constant power. Manufactured goods are not evenly distributed; farm and dairy products are very expensive in some parts of the country. Ironically, in some other parts where these farms are located, these same products deteriorate and waste due to very low demand and the inability to transport to where the demand is high. As a result of these developments, farmers are discouraged, factories shut down since the sales volumes often times do not justify the overheads, banks and finance houses are unwilling to lend. This project will focus on addressing the issue of supply chain management by researching the retail industry in Nigeria and proffering solutions that will go a long way in boosting the economy of Nigeria.
Questionnaires will be developed and sent to various retail operators in the Industry. A complete analysis will be undertaken of the competitive landscape using the porter's framework and ( Baron) 4I’s. In searching for an international retail operator to partner with, a lot of investment models such as the Build- Operate- Transfer, Build-Operate- Own-Transfer will be considered. This project also will highlight the effect and contribution of non-market components and CSR as strategic actions to ensure sustenance of the investment.
In summary, the project will demonstrate how a well distributed retail investment can assist resolve issues of supply chain.