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Powerful Phrases For Successful Interviews

Publisher: MCGRAW HILL
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Over the years on the Dr. Phil show, I’ve depended on Tony Beshara countless times to find jobs for badly discouraged guests. Tony is the very best there is at preparing candidates and then getting them jobs. . . . He knows exactly what employers are looking for, including the key words and phrases that will get people follow-up interviews and offers. In this book he has distilled his decades of wis­dom and experience into more than 400 easy-to-apply phrases. Whether you’re entry level or an executive, consult this book and you’ll be confidently prepared for every interviewing situation.” — From the foreword by Dr. Phil McGraw, New York Times bestselling author and host of the Dr. Phil show Do you want to know the dirty little secret of the hiring world? It takes just four minutes for interviewers to decide whether they want you or not. Your experience, your references, your degree—they might get you an inter­view, but they won’t get you the job. What matters most? It’s whether the words you choose trigger a quick, emotional “Yes” in the minds of employers. Now, one of America’s top recruiters, who has helped nearly 10,000 people successfully find positions, tells you exactly what interviewers want to hear. Each of his 400 ready-to-use phrases sends a subtle but memorable message that you are the right person for the job—competent, likable, a good fit. From initial email contact through face-to-face interview and follow-up conversations, these perfect phrases help you: • Highlight your skills, strengths, and experience • Make a great impression at the crucial interview opening and close • Score high on the likability factor • Eliminate any lingering concerns about your work history • Help you negotiate a strong job offer, and more When it’s time to choose between a candidate who is perfect on paper and one who is persuasive in person, there’s no contest. Powerful Phrases for Successful Interviews will help you nail the interview, and land the job. Tony Beshara is owner and president of Babich & Associates, the oldest placement firm in Texas, and the author of The Job Search Solution, Acing the Interview, and Unbeatable Résumés.
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