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Relentless Passion

Publisher: Creation House
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The salvation experience does not introduce us to a religion; it baptizes us into a passionate relationship with God! In Relentless Passion, you’ll learn that having a heart burning with fiery, passionate love for God is every believer’s inheritance in Christ. And having a bride passionately in love with Him is part of Jesus’ inheritance in the saints. Relentless Passion calls Christians to pursue a passionate relationship with God, and equips them with the tools to sustain it for a lifetime. Relentless Passion will help you: · Acquire godly passion and stay passionate during mundane and difficult seasons · Position yourself for life-changing encounters with God · Practice the art of interacting with God · Develop a devotional life that is consistent, vibrant, and fulfilling · Identify and overcome obstacles that kill passion · Recapture your spiritual vitality and overcome boredom and passivity · Cultivate an appetite for God and His kingdom
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Format PAPER
Pages 192