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Something Different (Deluxe Version) (Cd)

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With their third studio album, Sidewalk Prophets truly show what hundreds of nights on the road a year will do for a band. This is a tight, solid group which has never sounded better. But why Something Different? Best thing I can say is to go in your car - turn the bass up - and put Prodigal on. The muscular drumming and driving bass will shake your car better than any SP song before! It's more than a driving beat, though. For those who have heard the first radio single - you know the lyrical melodicism of the song. Wherever you are, whatever you did - it's a page in your book - but it isn't the end. What has marked Sidewalk Prophets throughout their career has been a knack for catchy tunes which will instantly stick with you - and this album is no different. From Prodigal we jump into If You Only Knew and Something Different - songs which constantly reinforce Dave Frey's passion for Him who he sings for! Sidewalk Prophets may be the most underrated band in music - and Dave Frey is certainly the most underrated singer in any genre. Seeing him in concert you realize there are no vocal tricks or autotune - it's all Dave - with a vocal range and depth perhaps unmatched today. For those who have experienced the songs of the magic hat - you know SP can pull off everything from Journey to Bon Jovi! Two songs stand out strongest for me on this album. Sidewalk Prophets have not had a true crossover hit - one which hit mainstream radio hard or found its way to NFL football or NHL hockey - but have a very solid shot with Go For It - a song which would easily fit with an Olympic broadcast; an NCAA tournament game; or even perhaps a playoff run for Dave and Ben's favorite baseball team - the Chicago Cubs. The song stuck on replay for me is Everything in Awe. Running a range of dynamics - beginning with a softer, acoustic opening - through a rousing, electric bridge - the song captures the dichotomy of emotions in experiencing God's wonders. You can literally sense the emotion of watching a baby sleeping, or a nature scene and whispering "Wow." Then seeing an awesome fireworks display, or a meteor shower or a humpback whale doing a backflip and exclaiming "WOW! This is Awesome!" An added bonus - with each song the Prophets have included the inspirational verse - making it easy to use Something Different as a basis for a daily devotion or bible study. I've already heard several of the new songs live from the album - cannot wait to hear more as I see Sidewalk Prophets during one of their several hundred shows over the next year. The biggest issue facing Sidewalk Prophets will clearly be - with three solid albums under their belts - what songs will have to fall (temporarily) from their setlists? Highly recommended.
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