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The Lessons From The Apprentice

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Part entertainment and part "how-to-succeed-in-business", this unique resource will offer powerful lessons in leadership, management, salesmanship...even chutzpah...for aspiring entrepreneurs and ambitious go-getters of all stripes, all pulled from the enormously popular TV show THE APPRENTICE. The book will explore key business lessons culled from the weekly episodes of the first three seasons of the show. From lessons on effective selling (team Protégé's success in the Lemonade stand business, for example) to launching new ventures (Mosaic's bridal show triumph) to key management tips (team Net Worth's successful effort at Burger King), Lessons From THE APPRENTICE provides the real-life, winning secrets to success directly from the TV show that Donald Trump and the winning participants identity and illustrate on air in each show. In addition to the important business and life lessons from the who, the book will recount the fascinating moves which took place on tasks and in the boardroom in a series of entertaining sections titles" Boardroom Maneuvers", "Winning Moves" and "Fatal Errors"/ Out of these episodes are a gold mine of trips, skills and advice on how to make the right moves in the Boardroom and the business world. And fabulous never-before-seen photos of the cast and tasks will make for entertaining eye candy.
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